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Well coming on day 10th, I ran about 4.8 Km. For each and every day it is going to be very interesting because the deadlines are coming nearly. I learn a lot of things like Never give up in an early stage and stay consistent.

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Well coming on day 7, I only ran about 2.4 Km which makes the total contribution in my running is 19.6 Km. Now I feel that it is very difficult to complete. Let see what happend at the end of the month. It may be wrong to be predict at the earliest stage. May be I will do something bigger and change the game.

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Well coming on day 5, It was very interested day because I did some better workout. I run 4.8 Km and by adding this now total of my running is 17 Km in five days. By passing every day it is becoming more interesting because if I will not run for any 2-3 days then I thing I will lose the challenge. Hope I will reach the target.

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Day 7 ✨🤸‍♀️

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Aaaand day3 the hardest part 🙌🔥⛹️‍♂️✨

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Day 3 🌸✨ الكهرباء قطعت 🙂🌸✨

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Back on Track 🔥😃🌸✨

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It's just the beginning 🔥

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Seriously?!?! How long is it gonna take? I've tried everything, diet, exercise, lots of water every day, I feel healthier but when I see those numbers 😣😣, still 6kg away from my goal, any suggestions???

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First time running 10 km yesterday 😁🎉 (8 km in an hour)!

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Practice will make perfect. Keep practicing.



I'll still achieve this no seizures challenge overall but since September 12th, I've been battling pneumonia and since I already have asthma as a chronic condition, that factor is making this disease much harder to overcome. My individual sleep and exercise goals within this challenge aren't being completed. I am not getting adequate sleep because of nighttime coughing and my doctor has prohibited me from exercising until I'm recovered. It's a setback but not one which will keep my overall challenge from being completed.

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