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Have a will to Commence, you will accomplish! ✌

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No matter the fog around you, however, roads are set to complete your task for the day. ✌

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Morning sun is always a motivation.
Sometimes hidden in fog but it's there to lift you to complete the task for the day. 🤞

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will just run the motivation,i'll do the running. 75dayz

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Piece of cake! Let's do it again! Ahahaha… Seriously it's just a matter of dedication

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Today was the second day of my “100 days of morning running” challenge. Getting out and about wasn’t so easy on day 2 and I definitely felt more tired than I did yesterday. But I tried to minimize the thought progress and just went out and started running. The run was everything I’d hope for and I felt gracious for being able to breathe clean air and experience the scenery that I did. There were horses grazing under light rain and tasty berries waiting to be devoured by a hungry runner like me! When I got back home, I rewarded myself with a yummy breakfast - porridge and smoothie!

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There is lots of cute things when you go out and start walking… (My secound day of walking)

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So today I decided to change my route a little bit and it actually helped me run a little bit more in almost the same amount of time and even an even better pace which makes me feel really good about myself today. Life is not always easy and some days are harder than others but remember the only way is keep pushing forward one day at a time. 💪💪

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Ok guys, this is me after a 5 day break. I've been struggling with depression over the last couple of weeks, you know it has its ups and downs but definitely and unfortunately the last few days were just the worst. I am fortunate that I have my support system with my shrink and I have friends that care about me and help me get back up when I fall.

It's Ok to fall, it's Ok to talk about mental health. Always keep pushing forward and keep getting up every day. YOU can do this, one day at a time.


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Today I woke up with one goal in mind : Run 10K in under 1H! I did it in 58ish minutes 💪💪🏃.
Was a bit conscious about my lower back injury from a few months ago but here we go, done it!

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8 weeks of work paid off. Goal reached and 3 minutes faster than before. But afterwards I would have liked to have been 2 seconds faster. 💪🏼🥳

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During 5k :D Day two of 100 days of sweat! (40')

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My best time yet. Been off the app for a while that's why pic is outdated

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