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So, I am a “manifestor” type in Human Design which means I should follow my urges over accepted process which defies everything most people are taught about creating money and running business. So I take all business advice with a pinch of salt and know that I can trust in my own gut feeling and also in divine timing.

This also means that I am great at starting projects but not always the best person to follow through. As a result, I have tried to create a small amount of products and services that run almost completely on automation which means once they are ready to sell, all I need to do is sell them. And then when I want to, I can change them or make more.

It has been a long time learning how to do everything myself (and that has meant experimenting and failing) but this means I understand all aspects of my business from the ground up and can teach it to others as well as do it myself - a must in todays social sharing culture. And a must as a good boss- I think you need to understand everyone’s jobs in order to help facilitate them working well.

I have spent two years learning and fine tuning myself as a human instrument, creator and in every other hat I’ve had to wear to make this a reality without any financial backing.

Anyway, technically this business has been formulating for some time but we are seeing it come together into something ready for publication now and November I will start to seriously market everything I have to currently offer.

Business on a shoestring but what I’m selling is my life’s work, wisdom and educated experience in moving with skilfulness and living consciously so I know this is valuable to people.

The photo is of one of the pieces of clothing from my conscious clothing line - all items are organic/responsibly sourced and vegan.

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-20 minutes of yoga
-10 minutes of meditation

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Revolution day 23 🧘‍♀️



Had to compensate (cuz I forgot to do it yesterday) by stretching 50mins.

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Doing Stretches at 8pm when I am supposed to do it early in the morning…but yeah did it anyhow

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First yoga class for 15 souls.
I overcame my fear and did it.
Now to the next step.

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Just start.
After a phone call, I got motivated to start my own small business and wellness of Yoga teacher.
Soon I'll move south, and it's a great idea to start something new there.
Low expectations and high efforts to do it on the best way.

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Start your actions today

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