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1/30 : notes from underground

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Finish reading the 6th book of this month. I an really happy!

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I have finished 48 books, the second year in a row. It's pretty clear how important it is. Of course, it matters what kind of books you read, so doing the research before reading is valuable. Also, it is useful to read books that you do not relate to, to open your mind even more. Here are a few honorable mentions from my list.

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Hi everyone I finished the book Who Will Cry When You Die

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The second task was also completed

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My book to read was “Who Will Cry When You Die”. My first task ended in this challenge. I will move on to the second task if I get lucky tomorrow. InshaAllah. We will be readers.

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Still hard to maintain a regular schedule for reading; however, I am still ahead of reading schedule. The people who have come to help dad and I till I am back up on my feet sleep in till 7. John sleeps on the couch and Becky sleeps in my bed with me. So it's not like I can just get up and get busy. It will be so nice to get back to normal. Well, as normal as we get.

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Still listening to the Bible almost every morning. I'm in Ezekiel and a little grossed out by his visions. I will have to refer to
Bible commentaries to really get the true meaning of his visions.

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Just finished this book…it was pretty good. It was one that made me thinkl

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Kind of hard to find quite time when the house is full of people. I am sharing my bed with my helper and she has her phone set to alarm at sundown and sunrise every day. Which isn't bad because that's when I get up for worship. However, she gets up at that time also and she talks non-stop - all day. I've had to resort to wearing my headphones and ignoring her, it doesn't deter her in any way. Oh well, she has come here to help me for as long as I need help, so how can I complain? I am just so thankful for her help.

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In Proverbs now, so much wisdom and good advice.

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It's been about 5 months since my last post; however, I am still on track of reading the Bible in 1 yrs. I'm in Nehemiah with 8 more books of the Old Testament and 3 books left in the New Testament. Sure enjoyed Daniel. Can really relate to him. He had so many flaws and shortcomings, but that demonstrates that God will always forgive and accept us if we repent, no matter secrets we have in our past. He will always forgive and love us no matter our current circumstances.

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6 units done ✅
"murders in alphabetical order" Agatha Christie

You can join me in the challenge! The goal is to read some pages of a book in a week, because many of us say "it's OK I will read it another time" ☺️

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Finished my 16th book this year. A bit behind schedule, but really great books! Here are few honorable mentions.

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