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Self-Improvement Social Network
Create custom or join existing challenges
Make new habits or break bad habits
Set goals, track progress, and keep yourself accountable
Challenge is a central part of the platform. People can create, find, join, track progress and even motivate other people through challenges. Although the word "challenge" could be substituted for the word "goal" in many cases, challenge is more abstract, inspiring, and fun.
Improve your health, fitness, endurance, knowledge, mental stability, stress management, and emotional control. Upgrade your values, find purpose, strengthen relationships and learn new skills. Possibilities are endless.
Social Network
Spend time leveling up your life while having fun
Find challenges, share your progress and achievements
Challenge friends, chat, comment on posts, and collect awesomes
More than 3.6 billion people use social networks, spending more than 2 hours a day on average. A lot of that time is being wasted or brings negativity to people's lives. Imagine if this time would be used for leveling up the humanity. If you want to change the world, start with yourself first.
Imagine a world where you see post updates from your friends about great things they were able to achieve, instead of new luxury toys they bought. Where reading books, getting healthier, showing your progression, or reaching even a small goal would be cool and encouraged. People gathering in groups for a better good where one person is not enough. Instead of working on a better picture, people work on a better life and a better world to live in. Where spending 2 hours per day leaves you motivated, energized, and prepared for a positive change. Where you can easily find guides, other interested people, and actionable items on the areas you would wish to accelerate.
Improve to Earn
Moticoin - Challenge Achieved currency
Collect moticoins daily while using the platform
Donate or receive moticoin rewards from other people
Challenge Bets
Bet moticoins on your challenges to increase accountability
Make a bet with your friends - the winners takes all
Participate in public challenge bets and receive moticoins
Adding a bet is a great way to add more weight to the challenge. Once betting is enabled on specific challenge others can add their bets either on success or failure. Bet winners will get double the amount which was bet, while losers will lose their $MTC.
When challenge with enabled bets is achieved jury will check the proof and decide if it was successfully achieved. Juries receive rewards for their work. You can become jury by staking $MTC in your profile settings.
Challenge Types
Climb Everest mountain
Read 24 books this year
Visit 40 countries before 40
To-do list
List of tasks to complete
1 hour a day learning Spanish
Meditate for 15 minutes a day
30 days sugar-free
For habits or recurring actions
Run 100 km in one month
Lose 5 kilograms
Save $5 a day for a year
Track a goal in numbers
Quit smoking
Reduce TV time
Chocolate max 3 times a week
Break a habit or avoid behavior
New years resolution
Start a life in another country
Landing people on Mars
A bundle of challenges
Send and Receive Motivation
Choose from different motivation types: luck, strength, love, speed, stamina and more
Public and Private
Share your progress and achievements
Receive motivation for challenge
Positive peer pressure from others
Track your progress privately
Control who can accept and see your challenge
Create private group challenges
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