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On day 6, I never went for running because I played cricket with my childhood friends for almost 6-7 hours and I was really tired by playing cricket. There is no power left in my body for running.

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Well coming on day 5, It was very interested day because I did some better workout. I run 4.8 Km and by adding this now total of my running is 17 Km in five days. By passing every day it is becoming more interesting because if I will not run for any 2-3 days then I thing I will lose the challenge. Hope I will reach the target.

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Well on the 3rd day, I again run about 3.2 Km which makes the total contribution of 3 days is 9.6 Km. While at running today I felt some problems. The reason behind that I run around 4pm - 5pm In India. It is very difficult to run at this time. But I have no choice. There is too much hotness at this time.

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On day 1, I was bit nervous because in the past two months I just ran about 35-40 Km per month. I have had a doubt in my mind whether alI will complete or not. But I was motivated on day 1 and thought that I will take it to upto the end of the month. In the end I forget to say that On the first day I ran only 3.2 Km.

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Today 🥳
Yesterday: 60 sec.

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Eat two pieces of fruit per day



Drink one liter water per day



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