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It becomes more easy with time or i was so addicted to food 😂
Hope i can make it my lifestyle :))))
I feel more energetic and more comfortable when i fast 😍and the food in my eating window is more delicious than usual 😋

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Today was the second day of my “100 days of morning running” challenge. Getting out and about wasn’t so easy on day 2 and I definitely felt more tired than I did yesterday. But I tried to minimize the thought progress and just went out and started running. The run was everything I’d hope for and I felt gracious for being able to breathe clean air and experience the scenery that I did. There were horses grazing under light rain and tasty berries waiting to be devoured by a hungry runner like me! When I got back home, I rewarded myself with a yummy breakfast - porridge and smoothie!

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Begin your journey

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Hello! I am creating a blog where we can do fun activities, take control of our health and our lives.

Check it out! 🔗:

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There are so many benefits.

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Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water – Fitness at Daybreak

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Good life style , makes you look vibrant and Fresh

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There are so many (too many!) things I would like to do before I die. And you? What do you want to do?
Time does not waste time!

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