3 Day No Sugar ( Warm Up )

4 / 1 days
Total progress 108%
Things to Avoid
Start and end the day with no sugar
In my case Vanilla Lattes and Sweet Lattes are the most addictive . Non of that shit ...: Sweet Coffee addiction
Bread , pasta , chips , potatoes , pastries , cookies , sweet tea , frozen food , fast food , raw sugar ,
Drink plenty of water and organic Natural juices - and vegetables
Nov 2 - Nov 4, 2019 • 3 days

Sugar Addiction is one of the strongest addictions known to people. Almost everything you have or buy , eat and drink has sugar .
Therefor quitting sugar is one of the hardest to achieve .
How ever , the benefits of a no sugar or an almost no sugar diet are grand .
This is a small and short challenge to warm up your self and introduce your body to a sugar free eating routine .
You may want to make it into a longer challenge later .