Consistency Posts

Well coming on day 8, I ran about 3.2 Km which makes total of 22.4 km. I wanted to run more but could not able to do.

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Well coming on day 5, It was very interested day because I did some better workout. I run 4.8 Km and by adding this now total of my running is 17 Km in five days. By passing every day it is becoming more interesting because if I will not run for any 2-3 days then I thing I will lose the challenge. Hope I will reach the target.

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Well on the 3rd day, I again run about 3.2 Km which makes the total contribution of 3 days is 9.6 Km. While at running today I felt some problems. The reason behind that I run around 4pm - 5pm In India. It is very difficult to run at this time. But I have no choice. There is too much hotness at this time.

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We fix a lot of short time and long time goals, and we know that we need motivation to accomplish it… But sometimes, specially in long time goals we start loosing the fuel .. So I hope you will find these tips helpful for longtime goal… Best of luck for your challenge…

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Managed to do 2 min 30 secs plank. It had been my dream once 🤩🤩🤩



Day 13 feels good. Had to really push myself out of bed. But it's worth it.

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Day 10 and now it doesn't feel hard to get up early in the morning to workout. It doesn't feel tired to complete an hour workout and that's how we improve.

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