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If you are an introvert like me, then you might know that "PROCRASTINATION" is the biggest enemy for us. It not as same as "Laziness" . Procrastination mainly caused by A LOT OF STRESS. Use these tricks to avoid your enemy and to complete your challenge … BEST OF LUCK..

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The more you will give value to TIME. The more you will become a strong personality. Time runs faster than you think. So you have to learn how to use it properly. Because PRODUCTIVITY is everything.

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The world will not notice how much input you have given , the world only notices the out come.. So work smartly and be more productive..

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I invented a form, so I can see if I'm actually productive throughout the month.

Every day I will stick one colored paper on the edge of my desk.
If I have studied enough I will put the green one 💚 etc

I will have updates on my work so I can also see how much I can improve my studying. ❤️

You can join me on this sticker form ☺️

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Today's afternoon session…
Practising some Trigonometry..

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I felt SO anxious today, and instead of procrastinating (as I would normally do) I tried to meditate to calm down my nervous system. After that I managed to study for almost 6 hours! I feel so proud of myself ❤️

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I listened to an amazing episode of this podcast. I highly recommend this to everyone who's struggling with perfectionism

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