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I invented a form, so I can see if I'm actually productive throughout the month.

Every day I will stick one colored paper on the edge of my desk.
If I have studied enough I will put the green one 💚 etc

I will have updates on my work so I can also see how much I can improve my studying. ❤️

You can join me on this sticker form ☺️

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The 2 hour session was studying but I forgot to change the label 😅

Anyways, I completed 5 essays today so my productivity went like 📈

#studyingisfun #studying #studychallenge


@PRERANAA Bhattacharya and other people who use the forest app, I suggest you to try out the NoxOcean

It has many more stuff and the graphs are very helpful ❤️

#studying #app


Today was the most productive day! ❤️
I finished a whole unit of algebra, the theory of the next one and I entered in the exercises of the 3rd unit. ☺️

I took a 2 hour break cause I wanted to eat with my family and watch f1

I'm so happy today and I'm not even tired! But I have to go to bed because I have school tomorrow. So good night!! 🌃❤️

#studying #studyingisfun


I'm studying for 6 hours now! I can say I'm more productive than ever!!! ☺️
I have finished all the theory of a unit and I will do the exercises within the day!
I woke up late but this didn't affect me :)
I will take a brake so I can eat and then see the f1 race and I will go back to work ❤️

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Hello 👋
I had to reboot my phone so I wasn't able to use forest…
Anyways… I'm so excited cause my new desk will arrive soon! ❤️
K thx byee



Day 1: ✅
Good morning everyone 🌹❤️

#morning #wakeup #studying


Well, I decided to plan my studying stuff, as my lessons are standard :)
Day 1: done ❤️

#planning #studying


Day 2: completed (yesterday) ✅
Goal: achieved ✅

I didn't study 8 hrs but I had many seminars and meetings so I feel like I've done what I could. ❤️

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