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I invented a form, so I can see if I'm actually productive throughout the month.

Every day I will stick one colored paper on the edge of my desk.
If I have studied enough I will put the green one 💚 etc

I will have updates on my work so I can also see how much I can improve my studying. ❤️

You can join me on this sticker form ☺️

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I restarted this challenge and I'm taking it seriously now.
Goal: To be an architect

Road to architecture ❤️

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I'm studying for 6 hours now! I can say I'm more productive than ever!!! ☺️
I have finished all the theory of a unit and I will do the exercises within the day!
I woke up late but this didn't affect me :)
I will take a brake so I can eat and then see the f1 race and I will go back to work ❤️

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I had a 3 hour lesson and I still achieved to study 9 hours!!!
I'm so proud ❤️
I also bought a new tree ☺️

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