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“Thank you for being a bright space in a dark place”


I’ve been silent on here for a while. But here’s an update for all things:

I moved house and got frustrated with this platform (I’m not good with online media) so I kept up the meditation and also writing my book.

I also designed a second wave of items for my soon-to-launch clothing line and have the samples arriving this week SO EXCITING

and I’ve written a 7 year business plan

But I’m trying to relax and be idle more because I over schedule my time and I don’t leave enough time to just relax. As a manifestors type (human design) I need a lot of unscheduled time for idling to allow for creativity.

Anyway hope you’re all being inspirational

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For some reason it said I failed my challenge when I definitely did not fail. And I placed a bet on it, so a bit annoyed that I lost the whatever coins. I will probably leave this platform if it doesn’t resolve. No point being here if it’s not fair.


Okay so there were at least three days this month I didn’t record my meditation on the timer due to attending workshops on meditation or one day I was in the car meditating on a long journey but I DID IT! So now I am starting to do 90 minutes….wish me luck 🍀

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It’s been a really heavy weekend; moving house to across the other side of the country…so I’ve been practising as I can while unpacking moving boxes, building furniture and all the admin that comes with a new house. But I still managed my goals and have made plenty of time for self care and meditation. Mantra has saved me this weekend and will continue to as my essentials arrive this week!

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I want sure that I would be able to meditate today. I had my vaccination for coronavirus yesterday and had a very bad reaction- awake almost all night with a fever and still a high temperature today. But I just switched lanes - the beauty of meditation is in trained in so many techniques I can always choose the perfect one for any given situation. Today I practiced 90 minutes of yoga nidra, a somatic meditation that is grounding and so restful it can be the equivalent to a full nights sleep. I still feel very ill but feeling strong and accomplished!!

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“One has naturally to start with a definite plan of self-discipline suited to one’s tastes and capacities and arranged in a certain  order of temporal and logical sequence, but when
once His Grace shows Itself, the stiff formali­ties of rigid conventions sink into insignificance.”

On practice, MATRI VANI vol.I

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As you see I haven’t always been very consistent in my practice so I’m trying to bring some consistency :)

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So, I am a “manifestor” type in Human Design which means I should follow my urges over accepted process which defies everything most people are taught about creating money and running business. So I take all business advice with a pinch of salt and know that I can trust in my own gut feeling and also in divine timing.

This also means that I am great at starting projects but not always the best person to follow through. As a result, I have tried to create a small amount of products and services that run almost completely on automation which means once they are ready to sell, all I need to do is sell them. And then when I want to, I can change them or make more.

It has been a long time learning how to do everything myself (and that has meant experimenting and failing) but this means I understand all aspects of my business from the ground up and can teach it to others as well as do it myself - a must in todays social sharing culture. And a must as a good boss- I think you need to understand everyone’s jobs in order to help facilitate them working well.

I have spent two years learning and fine tuning myself as a human instrument, creator and in every other hat I’ve had to wear to make this a reality without any financial backing.

Anyway, technically this business has been formulating for some time but we are seeing it come together into something ready for publication now and November I will start to seriously market everything I have to currently offer.

Business on a shoestring but what I’m selling is my life’s work, wisdom and educated experience in moving with skilfulness and living consciously so I know this is valuable to people.

The photo is of one of the pieces of clothing from my conscious clothing line - all items are organic/responsibly sourced and vegan.

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I have been trying to up my meditation practice. Today I was in Glastonbury so I meditated at the ancient Chalice Wellspring shrines. It was magical as a sound healer began to sing at the shrine to the divine feminine. I then had a blessing from the sacred fountain. I am trying to also work on my meditation practice as in every day life so I have recorded 30 minutes on my app tracker but it was closer to 2 hours. Success! 🙏

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