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Have been struggling for years to get back into reading so did stick with manga one shots and children's books I've been meaning to read for like four straight years but for the first time since about 2016, I completed my yearly reading challenge! Might be time to up the anti and go for 20 🎉

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First book read is the one chapter manga - The Zombie Maria by Atsushi Nakayama. Short, easy to read, kind of funny but meaningful as well, but not as good as it could have been. Brilliant plot twist 👌🏻. 6/10

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book number 5, still 2 books behind schedule. But optimistic. 🙂

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Book number 4, 2 books behind my 52 books in 52 weeks plan.

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The man who watched women. Thriller. Recomendations.

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I wanted a challenge that helps me grow mentally. This is why I started the 52 non-fiction books in a year challenge. So far I already finished 2!! so awesome
One about productivity (i know so predictable) and one about being a ghostwriter. (i want to become one)

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Regular reading doesn’t just help with your critical thinking, but it also improves your brain function. Consider what happens when you work a muscle every day. That muscle grows and becomes much stronger than before. Reading books works much the same way for your mind. Consider how many people today are affected with diseases of the mind. Working your brain will make you less likely to get such diseases. Reading doesn’t just help with your critical thinking, but it also improves your brain function.

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“Reading a book, and taking the time to ruminate and make inferences and engage the imaginational processing, is more cognitively enriching, without a doubt, than the short little bits that you might get if you’re into the 30-second digital mode.”
– Ken Pugh (President of Haskins Laboratories)

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Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books can help us learn, understand and makes us smarter. Not to mention the knowledge, vocabulary expansion and thinking skills we develop, so read a good book today!

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