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Have been struggling for years to get back into reading so did stick with manga one shots and children's books I've been meaning to read for like four straight years but for the first time since about 2016, I completed my yearly reading challenge! Might be time to up the anti and go for 20 🎉

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For G, it's Gokurakugai Sanban-doori no Ken; a crime-fantasy one shot. Super sad there isn't more to this, I love this world so much. Miss reading gang crime stuff, it's such a unique genre

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Went for Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi for Y and I am absolutely emotionally devastated in the most perfect way 😭💖 solid 10/10, easy

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For K I went for Kon no Ki Konoha, another romance with a fantasy dynamic, another quick one shot but one that absolutely astounded me. Easy 8/10 rating 💙

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For T I went for the one shot TokiDoki. A beautifully sad romance, so in love with this. 9/10

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For Z I read the one chapter manga - The Zombie Maria by Atsushi Nakayama. Went for an easy one shot to ease me into things.

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8/25 ✔️ 📚
Режим генія. Розпорядок дня великих людей (Мейсон Каррі)
Genius mode. Agenda of great people (Mason Currey)

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Finished the next book! Brief answers to the big questions from Stephen Hawking
Very interesting and i love the writing stlye, it animates to keep reading

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Just finished my third non-fiction book for this year!! I'm ahead of shedule and it feels amazing.

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"Resisto dunque sono" is a manual on resilience and takes great sportsmen as an example. Resilience can be activated and strengthened. An interesting book to understand how to deal with the problems of your life. The eight main points of the book. 🌱💪

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100 pages for today 🐛📚🔥

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What a "tasty" book, hum… ! I love understanding how my fellow human brothers and sisters work.
Had this book on the list for a while, so glad I grabbed it. 👌

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Have you read this book, what are your thoughts?
I've just finished this audiobook and I can't remember reading such a negative perception of the world. Unless reading the news, of course, which I've given up a while now.
The author is a journalist and this could explain the tone of the book.
The all thing is about how nations, empires and people play a game of power between them aiming at controlling resources , stealing wealth, be vigilant from each other, influence and fears leading to wars and catastrophes.
I can't be naive nor have the knowledge of the international policy to say these are not true but one is true. The international policies are based on fear.
The human race is far, far away from consciousness and come to grasp that we're all connected in a way that make all these wars, fights and fears pointless. Would you agree?

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Let's start the challenge 💪. 1st book = profit over people. Naom Chomsky

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Book recommendations for today. Recently finished this highly recommended reading. I was a bit reticent in picking it up as it seemed religious but its not. Its an awesome spiritual awakening exercise for anyone wanting to understand oneself and others. Glad I read it.

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