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I’ve been silent on here for a while. But here’s an update for all things:

I moved house and got frustrated with this platform (I’m not good with online media) so I kept up the meditation and also writing my book.

I also designed a second wave of items for my soon-to-launch clothing line and have the samples arriving this week SO EXCITING

and I’ve written a 7 year business plan

But I’m trying to relax and be idle more because I over schedule my time and I don’t leave enough time to just relax. As a manifestors type (human design) I need a lot of unscheduled time for idling to allow for creativity.

Anyway hope you’re all being inspirational

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24/25 📚✅ Save haven (Nicholas Sparks)
I haven't read a book by this author for a long time, and now I read his book again and I missed his books ☺️ and I liked this one too 🤗💛



23/25 📚✅️ Princess Diana: A Life from Beginning to End (Princess Diana)

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I finally read it)) Beautiful book 😌💕
20/25 📚☑️ Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

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14/25 📚✅️
Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action (Nick Vujicic)

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16/25 📚 ✔️
Every breath (Nicholas Sparks)

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Finaly back to the app and reading.. As i always say:"as long as you dont give up and quit , you are not a failure" 😇

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Start small, do regularly, and achieve it😎

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10/25 📚✔️
Wedding (Nicholas Sparks)



Have been struggling for years to get back into reading so did stick with manga one shots and children's books I've been meaning to read for like four straight years but for the first time since about 2016, I completed my yearly reading challenge! Might be time to up the anti and go for 20 🎉

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For G, it's Gokurakugai Sanban-doori no Ken; a crime-fantasy one shot. Super sad there isn't more to this, I love this world so much. Miss reading gang crime stuff, it's such a unique genre

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Went for Yuusha Goikkou no Kaerimichi for Y and I am absolutely emotionally devastated in the most perfect way 😭💖 solid 10/10, easy

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For K I went for Kon no Ki Konoha, another romance with a fantasy dynamic, another quick one shot but one that absolutely astounded me. Easy 8/10 rating 💙

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For T I went for the one shot TokiDoki. A beautifully sad romance, so in love with this. 9/10

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