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Have you read this book, what are your thoughts?
I've just finished this audiobook and I can't remember reading such a negative perception of the world. Unless reading the news, of course, which I've given up a while now.
The author is a journalist and this could explain the tone of the book.
The all thing is about how nations, empires and people play a game of power between them aiming at controlling resources , stealing wealth, be vigilant from each other, influence and fears leading to wars and catastrophes.
I can't be naive nor have the knowledge of the international policy to say these are not true but one is true. The international policies are based on fear.
The human race is far, far away from consciousness and come to grasp that we're all connected in a way that make all these wars, fights and fears pointless. Would you agree?

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And I finish this long term challenge with this book! I'm so excited, all the information I've learned during this year, and the great habit of reading instead of wasting my time in social media… Will I do it again? Hell yeah!
Please leave a message with the name of a meaningful life changing book and the category it belongs (e.g. the alchemist - self improvement) a book you have read so I can make my new list for next year.
Have a great day!

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I'm reading a book called defending Jacob by William Landay, and I think so nice this book.

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In 1996, Oprah started her very own book club. Each year she has chosen a few book titles that she's felt her fans and followers would enjoy reading and could benefit from. Since its inception, the success of the club has grown so much that her literary picks most often become national best-sellers. I've rounded up the 10 best books of all her selections.

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