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Hydrating the body is very important because it influences eac cells’ functioning in our body. We try to be fit, drinking spinach cocktails and going on runs. Our awareness of the fact that if you take care of your body it will last longer and have fewer problems, increases. Many people, however, forget about one very important thing, namely proper hydration of the body. Doctor turn our attention to this issue because it’s vital. If you become dehydrated, no diet or nutritional supplements will help you. The organism will not be able to adjust. According to doctors, the ideal amount of water is around 1.5 to 2 liters per day. What is most important here is that it’s pure water - not juices and teas, and absolutely not coffee, that flush water out of your system. It is also important not to drink the water all at once, but in small, frequent portions.

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Drink more water.. Your skin, your hair, your mind and your body will thank you 💙

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Drink more water! The 4 week water drinking challenge.

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