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Stave Off Stress-Eating With These Self-Care Essentials
By Michele Promaulayko • Nov 25, 2020

Stress-eating is real. More to the point, when we’re stressed out, we tend to reach for a sugary fix, which I discovered while researching and creating my Sugar Free 3 program — a three-week plan on Openfit to help you lose weight, sleep better, and get healthier.

The best way to mitigate stress-induced sugar consumption is to — you guessed it — stress less. But that can be tricky to accomplish! So one way to consistently reduce your stress level is to incorporate self-care practices into your daily or weekly routine.

Below are a few of the self-care tools and rituals I have been relying on lately to reduce my stress levels and feel better overall.


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colour relieves stress so this will be good for me 👍

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A natural way of boosting energy by increasing my metabolism
Regular cold exposure is associated increased tolerance to stress
Save water and energy by not using the water heater
Cold shower improves blood circulation
Makes hair and skin healthier and look better
Burn calories

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Grazie mille a tutti coloro che mi hanno dato energia per il mio obiettivo di scrivere un diario di recente. Sei stato un aiuto significativo per me e voglio che tu sappia quanto apprezzo molto la motivazione.

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