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"Resisto dunque sono" is a manual on resilience and takes great sportsmen as an example. Resilience can be activated and strengthened. An interesting book to understand how to deal with the problems of your life. The eight main points of the book. 🌱💪

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"Never measure your progress using someone else's ruler!" 🎯✨☃️

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Finished another one! 22nd and counting…Wasn't on the reading list for this year, but glad I read it. Funny, inspiring and very grounding! It's full of life lessons, reminding us that we're all going through life facing similar challenges while looking for similar things, whether that is success, happiness, finding oneself or building up a career, we all go trough the same "shits". That's comforting to know that no matter what's going on, you're not the only one, and persistence + staying true to oneself is a must! Focusing on the journey and enjoying it, not being too much worried about the end result because its usually never exactly as planned!

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