Transformation Posts

Uh uh! It's been 41 days since I started this transformational meditation course and couldn't be happier. It's been a lovely journey!
It's stretched my normal 10—15 minutes of daily meditation to 30-45 minutes of which 30 mn in complete silence.
I know that for most people silence is a huge pain in the ass, but that's how you touch your heart!

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Was soooo tired yesterday I only got a picture sitting about to fall asleep! I’m so uncomfortable while sitting so I am pushing so hard not to…only track scale progress but simply how I feel sitting down and crossing my legs etc

#transformation #75hard


Little sore mentally and physically today… I need to get proper sleep! That’s the next step! I also wanted a beer so badly but that’s not part of the current commitment! Good luck everyone!

#transformation #75hard


Today was a WIN day! Not much went as planned but my motivation and ability to put out effort was at the top! I made some breakthroughs thanks to some friends and I’m feeling good about accepting what the old (current) me did for me and what it taught me. I can look toward my future with hope for the first time in a long time

#transformation #75hard #hope #motivsted


Day 4: New progress measure! My Alma Mater outfit! I’m going to try on once a week and see how it fits and feels! Not always about the scale! Today was a better day! Yay!

#transformation #75hard


Jazz hands!! Today was discouraging… my stomach has gotten so big I look pregnant again and I can’t move very much during the workouts… also I have a massive!! Sugar withdrawal headache! Hopefully jazz hands will make it all better! 😉

#transformation #75hard


Day 2! Actually felt worse today… workout made me feel very large and immobile… I wanted to get discouraged but I stuck with it

#transformation #75hard #dontquit