Become a certified scuba diver

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To-do Challenge
11/11 tasks
Find someone to teach me
Find a place to learn
Find out exactly what your training will cost
Find out what equipment you will need* and how much it will cost
Pass the required watermanship test
Register in a class that fits your needs
Take care of the legal stuff
Learn the academics
Practice, practice, practice
Complete your Open Water training and certification dives
Once I successfully demonstrate these diving skills and complete the four required dives my instructor will advise the training agency to issue a C-Card in my name

After you successfully complete the book and pool work, you then get a referral to do your open water dives. These are usually done in a lake, quarry or ocean. You typically do these dives over the course of 2 days. Scuba diving certification usually requires 4 or 5 successful open water dives.