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It is a very hard time but I decided to start again.

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Feel the fear and do it anyway!
It's done! I'll be honest, being up in the air is not the most confortable place for me, but I've challenged myself to face my fears whenever possible and this is another one done! @Ece, your country will be holding a special place in my heart, I've been having good time here.

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So I would show you like that I ate more fruit but I'm good for fruit right now hahaha
I did want to post something!! I have been drinking a good amount of water and eating more fruit so I am very proud of myself! Woo hoo

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After 2 days i want to start again stronger
Give me motivation with your comment .
I lost all of my motivation and purpose😰😥

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You know those days when you wake up and you kinda want to work out but your body feels lethargic and your mind is telling you, leave it for today, its no big deal?!
Today I woke up feeling tired but I knew I'd feel better if I get off bed and get it done.
Feeling awesome now!

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