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life is challenge.


Finaly finished this challenge!
Honestly, it is a good challenge and whenever i wake up i feel so fired up to bathe and take this cold shower challenge even tho I got a cough the last few days because you know it is thz winter and the weather started getting colder lol!
I advise you to take this challenge but you must take into consideration the weather because it is better to take this challenge in the summer rather than the winter or you will end up being sick and catching a cold

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Imagine your study like it's fun thing ,repeat in your head that you can do it .
in fact studying not a hard thing it just need people who have goals put the goal on your mind and start studing.
"dude you can do it"

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Cold shower challenge : Day 7
It is such a good experience and it really does affect our physical and mental health.

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Beginning of a new journey ❤️ you're beautiful!


cold shower challenge: day 1
I have heard lots of guys talking about the benifits of it, it was really though thing to implement because I always used to take only hot showers lol
If I can do it, you also can!❤


A natural way of boosting energy by increasing my metabolism
Regular cold exposure is associated increased tolerance to stress
Save water and energy by not using the water heater
Cold shower improves blood circulation
Makes hair and skin healthier and look better
Burn calories

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My 1st chalnge is cmpelet..cold shower🛀🛀hope will be succes in every chalenge



Any ideas on how to make the cold showers a little easier



Half way there. The best thing of cold shower that before this challenge i was allergic for The heat. And can't be in hothouse longer than 5min.After that my night was sleepless and heartbeats grows for all night. But now in bathhouse i can be 2-3 hours and after that sleep like baby. 🤟


Well, no chance I'll survive 5minutes! I barely stayed 30 seconds today!


Well, no chance I'll survive 5minutes! I barely stayed 30 seconds today!


Cold showers are an important part of the Wim Hof Method. Although it may seem counterintuitive, these showers are actually beneficial for both your mind and your body. For the best benefits, incorporate cold showers into your daily routine. As this takes strength and dedication, Wim advises to gradually build up the duration and intensity. If you have no prior experience with cold showers, start with a regular shower and finish the last 30 seconds cold. You quickly notice that you are able to tolerate the cold more and more, and eventually cold showers and even ice baths become things you look forward to (trust me).

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