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Gone with sir and his other staff for walking.. its awesome to walk and sharing light moments.. I want to start walking in morning.. thanks for let me join today evening sir, I liked ur friends' company and other good people there sir @RAJRISHI @aleksandir preobrazhensky

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At night a candle's brighter than the sun… Another magical place🥰🥰

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20 minutes walk✔️
the weather is great ☺️🌤️

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I gone to various side of montain, some little in vehicle and some by trekking, to insure security for His Excellency and define route for walking and also in case of emerjency how to reinforce etc was done, I like montains, my home is also in montain region. So I will get chance to walk with him, among some 20-25 mates from our unit, in morning, nice cool atmoahphere at noon,cold by evening



Been struggling to do this for the past few days, had a very long few days but getting back into the pace of things!

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Friend dragged me out for an hour and 20 minutes 🙌🏻 felt so good but definitely feeling it in my legs

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Didn't hit it yesterday but hoping to do 16k today to make up for it 💪🏻 8k easily smashed today, glad for all my damn errands I've had to run. Good luck everyone ❤️

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Trying to do the 1021km in 2021 challenge and I am So far behind 😭 really need to get back to it. Wonder if it would be cheating to do a daily update of walk depending on how much I walk with my fitbit rather than just only adding the actual walks I go on 🤔 how's everyone else doing this year?

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Didn't get to do my walk yesterday, or do my full walk today so instead did a quick 10 min and 20 min walk when I had the chance 💪🏻🙌🏻

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