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I'm back after a long time. My life had ups and downs since the beginning of the pandemic. Before that i lived 6 months in my uni-dorm. At online semester i moved to my parents house for 6 months. I lost my grandpa and got in a huge depression. I stopped tracking my habits and etc. I felt myself so lonely and angry.

Then took an exchange year in the middle of the pandemic in Germany. I travelled a lot to Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia. I did an internship in a private clinic in Germany and it improved my German a lot. The Exchange year was so fun and made me a better human i think.

But after coming back to Istanbul, i was depressed again anyway. It was like, i didnt have any permanent home for 2 years longer than 6 months. I felt so lonely all the time and as my country's economy goes worse i feel myself more anxious about my future. If you check my posts you will see that i am a hardworking student and use Forest app a lot. But at that times i could hardly open a book and hardly ever want to get up. My parents live in another city but seeing me like that made them so angry that we began to argue through video calls. Anyway we dont have a healthy relationship.
Then i decided to take support and began a medical treatment. I get better everyday.

The thing that made me want to get back to Challenge Achieved is, I got accepted from a clinic in Switzerland and need to improved my German. After graduation i plan to move to Zürich. So there are things to be done and i need to be more diciplined and focused.

Yeah thanks for reading. I wish you and your loved ones are safe and happy.

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2nd day morning meditation … Silencing the mind and allowing all to flow ❤

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I tell myself everyday: You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are extraordinary, you are loved, you are guided, you are abundant, you are blessed, you are happiness ❤️
Tell that to yourself too, because the truth is you are so important and you need to take care of your Being 🌻

Love is a seed that grows when we started to take care of it 🌸

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Loving oneself is an art, darling!

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Life is happening FOR you, not TO you. You are capable of achieving anything if you believe in yourself and remove all the self-imposed roadblocks like "I'm not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough".

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As you become more clear about who you really are,you'll better able to decide what is best for you." this very powerful!!!!

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