Proud Posts

Today I woke up with one goal in mind : Run 10K in under 1H! I did it in 58ish minutes 💪💪🏃.
Was a bit conscious about my lower back injury from a few months ago but here we go, done it!

#10k #run #runner #fit #proud


This week was a pause to the 16\8 Intermittent Fasting to prevent my body from getting used to it. I can say it was carb loaded with delicious pizza, one of them with more than 1000 calories 🍕🌞, all for me!
Following that, was a successful slow 10km running + Walking, totalling 22766 steps yesterday!
Today is resting day and the following weeks testing a new level, 20/4 fasting! 💪💪

#fasting #goals #pizza #fitnesslifestyle #proud