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Well, not 400 hours as I said.. but close.. maybe if I started from 1st january, would make it 400 but that's fine.. this's a big achievement too..😌

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My plans for today. .

Always better when you're planned for the next day prior to it. . although it's past midnight already so I say today.. but that's alright… Just make sure you know your day before you go to bed

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pov: you're trying to like the subject you absolutely hate 👁️

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It's almost 1a.m. here in India.. well that's an everyday thing..

Anyways thank you in advance for you're gonna appreciate my photography
(sorry screenshots from a study stream) skills.. 😆😆

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Hello all, let's welcome myself once again in here to this wonderful platform.. it's been quite a few months I was away.. and ig being in here would comparatively help me more..

Taking up challenges and completing them.. is a pretty good means of achieving tasks, feeling less anxious..

Good luck to you guys as well me for this journey..


Straching sometimes not easy with pain


Stretch and break


Did Yoga For ROOT CHAKRA cleansing instead of Yoga app


Had to compensate (cuz I forgot to do it yesterday) by stretching 50mins.

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