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2/3 ✔️🎉 I was at the scientific conference "Social work: formation, prospects and development" ☺️✔️ and gave a speech on the topic: "Features of social prevention of game addiction in the youth environment". P.S. I spent two days preparing for the conference and I was very worried, but I PERFORMED AT THE CONFERENCE✔️☺️🎉🎉🎉 I got such pleasure when I spoke and answered questions🎊🤗💛 I did it!!!! ✔️💓



Today is your oppertunity to build tomorrow you want

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Well.. I'm sooo proud of it 💃❤️:D🌸✨

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Imagine your study like it's fun thing ,repeat in your head that you can do it .
in fact studying not a hard thing it just need people who have goals put the goal on your mind and start studing.
"dude you can do it"

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