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Just made out my list for tomorrow. It will be nice to get back to my normal schedule again. Our helpers/houseguests went home today and it is sooo peaceful! No constant talking or incessant belching. Becky says her body produces excess gas, but in actuality she swallows air when she eats or drinks anything. So for an hour or more she belches LOUDLY every few seconds. Then she moans LOUDLY after each belch so we think it's painful for her. She even does it in public. Since no one is sleeping in my room, nor on the couch, I can go to bed when I want and get up as early as I want. Speaking of that, Becky unplugged the Amazon Alexa in my room. It will be nice to have her back.


My life really is crappy right now. I have to live on everyone else's schedule. Right now I have to be outside with the mosquitoes because John wantto go to bed and he sleeps on the couch. Can't be in my room because Becky is in there sleeping. And I have insomnia. As soon as I get help with dad set up with a home health agency, I am making up an excuse to go to Spokane to take John and Becky home. I have really appreciated their help, but enough is enough. John has just taken over and does things his way and on his schedule - regardless of our preferences. He thinks all foods automatically spoils the day past the "sell by" or the "best used by" dates. It falls on deaf ears whenever I ask him to do something my way. For example, for two months I have been asking him to get dad's supper by 5 p.m due to nighttime reflux. John absolutely will not get dad his supper till 7 p.m. at the earliest. I WANT MY HOME BACK. Thanks for letting me rant, it helps to let off some steam.


Getting things done is a little more challenging from a wheelechair. But I keep plugging away at things till it gets done.


Humm, 1 out of 3 tasks completed. Didn't do so good in keeping dad out of the heat. He stayed out too long, when he went to get up, he fell. That's 4 times in 2 weeks. I hope he finally realizes that my job is to keep him safe, not restrict his activities. And it's too hot to be running boxes to and from the shed. Didn't plan my day too well.


Weather is stifling here in Kettle Falls, Washington, USA. Over 100 degrees for the next 2 weeks. Thank goodness the temperature drops to the 70's at night. Our air conditioner went out, but we have a portable air conditioner. It is not near as effective, but at least it is something. We'll survive - we always do. Went to the doctor on Wednesday about my knee. It is healing well, but she was adamant about no weight on it for 3 months. I tried to negotiate, but she wouldn't budge. Tasks for tomorrow: 1. Keep dad out of the heat (he loves the hot weather, but he gets dehydrated and too hot, then he can't get up by himself and has to have help). 2. File dad's paperwork. 3. Put things out in the shed.


Didn't you devise a filing system; however, I did started organizing my recipes. I have been wanting to do that for the past year. Overall, it was a good day. Tomorrow's agenda is: 1. Doctors appointment 80 miles away, 2. Work on filing system, 3. Pack up items I don't need in the house and put them in the shed.


It has been 6 months! Life is never dull in my household. I have been very busy with dad, with life curve balls, and now I have gone and broke my leg. I am ordered strict NO weight-bearing for 3 MONTHS! So I find myself with plenty of time. Since there is much I want to get done in the house, I will go back to a task list of 3 tasks a day. So for tomorrow: 1. Make rice pudding, 2. Shave my dog, 3. File some papers.




Today, I am grateful for parents who pinched pennies and sacrificed to put three kids through private schools. It was hard on them and dad worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs so we could have the best education available.
My inspiration came from an audio book I was listening to this morning. "What to Eat When," I can't tell you how many times I have heard "tomorrow's another day, just start over." But this guy kept saying "so you blew it, you ate something you shouldn't have eaten. That was 20 minutes ago, this is the beginning of another hour, just keep going from here." He reminded me that every hour is a new hour. I don't have to wait till tomorrow to start over. Just so nice to be reminded.


This is what inspired me today.
I am thankful it rained today, I don't have to shovel rain. But if it does snow, hope it is enough to use the snow blower. Snow blowing is easier on my back than shoveling.


Today, I am thankful for answered prayers. I got to talk to my dear Uncle for the first time in a couple months. He and my mom used to talk every Saturday, after she died he tried calling dad on Saturdays but dad started pushing everyone away (he got involved with some scammers and started giving them tons of money). So Uncle Richard started calling me on Saturdays. A couple months ago he passed out and the doctor found an aneurysm in his brain. He underwent several surgeries and the doctor's weren't sure he:d make a full recovery. He is home now with home health, has a hard time getting around, but his mind has cleared up and he sounds like his old self. 💃 I'm doing the happy dance 💃


Something that happened today for which I am grateful: dad wanted to go into town today to see if the tires we ordered came into the store; however, he settled for a phone call instead. I was ready for him to throw a fit about not going.
Something or someone who inspired me today: my cousin Bonnie's. She posts such beautiful pictures and Bible texts on Facebook every day. She also posts devotionals and chapters from a good book she is reading. I copied this photo from one of her posts, so much hatred and violence in this world.


Okay, I've come up with 2 tasks I will do daily, still thinking on a 3rd and maybe 4th tasks (your ideas would be very welcome). Every evening, I will name one thing that happened that day for which I grateful. I will express at least one thing that has inspired me that day. Will add additional tasks as I come up with ideas.


I might as well forget this challenge, or change my strategy. I have been focusing on doing physical tasks, I.e. cleaning the kitchen or ironing. Instead I will focus on things I can do anytime, anywhere. Things like 3 things for which I'm grateful, send a text of encouragement to a friend. I am open to suggestions. I just don't want the tasks to overlap my other challenges - what's the challenge in that?