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Well coming on day 10th, I ran about 4.8 Km. For each and every day it is going to be very interesting because the deadlines are coming nearly. I learn a lot of things like Never give up in an early stage and stay consistent.

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On day 9, I never went for running. Actually I went to repair my Activa. It took more time as I expected. So now the target is going too far.

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Well coming on day 8, I ran about 3.2 Km which makes total of 22.4 km. I wanted to run more but could not able to do.

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Well coming on day 7, I only ran about 2.4 Km which makes the total contribution in my running is 19.6 Km. Now I feel that it is very difficult to complete. Let see what happend at the end of the month. It may be wrong to be predict at the earliest stage. May be I will do something bigger and change the game.

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On day 6, I never went for running because I played cricket with my childhood friends for almost 6-7 hours and I was really tired by playing cricket. There is no power left in my body for running.

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Well coming on day 5, It was very interested day because I did some better workout. I run 4.8 Km and by adding this now total of my running is 17 Km in five days. By passing every day it is becoming more interesting because if I will not run for any 2-3 days then I thing I will lose the challenge. Hope I will reach the target.

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Well coming on day 4, just ran about 2.4 Km. When I started I thought that today I will run more than 3.2 Km but I could not capitalize it. Now at the end of the fourth day my total running is 12 Km. Hopefully in the next two days I will run more and more because there is a weekend.

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Well on the 3rd day, I again run about 3.2 Km which makes the total contribution of 3 days is 9.6 Km. While at running today I felt some problems. The reason behind that I run around 4pm - 5pm In India. It is very difficult to run at this time. But I have no choice. There is too much hotness at this time.

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Well, this is my 2nd day and I run only 3.2 Km and the total of two day is 6.4 Km. One thing I just try to keep in mind is that "Consistency is the Key of success." Yes, It is difficult but I think I will complete it at the end of month.

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On day 1, I was bit nervous because in the past two months I just ran about 35-40 Km per month. I have had a doubt in my mind whether alI will complete or not. But I was motivated on day 1 and thought that I will take it to upto the end of the month. In the end I forget to say that On the first day I ran only 3.2 Km.

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Challenging ending in June 😅😊


🍩🏃‍♀️🍦🏃‍♀️😊😁… 7 days left 💯


Mid-June is here and only 40 kilometers. But I believe I can still do it 💪😃


Evening run. It's very hot during the day, but it's nice that summer is starting 🌺🌾🌻🍀🏖🌞