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Doing Stretches at 8pm when I am supposed to do it early in the morning…but yeah did it anyhow

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Make sure to stretch every now and then. It actually helps you grow.

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Did a 30 min stretching! Feel rejuvenated!

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I did the same stretching routine as yesterday. I don't know I think I'll stick with it. I really haven't found anything that I like, so here's a pretty picture with a nice quote. Day 6 done.

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So since it's so early, I opted in for no talking, gentle indie music stretching. It felt so good. I realize though that my hip flexors are super tight. Definitely going to have to work on that.

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Ok, so this one was a little more active but at least this time I wasn't sweating like crazy. It was super fun and I find that I am starting to quiet my mind little by little.

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I saw this and just knew that I had to do it. Yesterday's yoga practice was a bit to strenuous in the morning, and jeez do I hate sweating. Bleh ( ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡ ͠°). So yea it felt so good, and was little more suited for a lazy beginner. Hey! I should look up lazy yoga, lol!

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Done! I'm so happy and I feel a lot better.

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Cooling down!!! The rain made me sweat too much today i wonder how much calories i burned😅💪


30-6-20: Ondanks de miezer regen toch mun rondje gewandeld. Was niet ver maar wel zwaar en pijnlijk voor mun rug. Morgen nieuwe dag en nieuwe kansen. Langzaam aan zal het beter gaan, daar ben ik van overtuigd.


29-6-20: Ivm rugklachten en al genoeg belastend werk gedaan vandaag, heb ik ipv dansen naar de salsales gefietst en gekeken

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I am loving stretching daily my back pain is gone.