Reading Prompts

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A book being adapted for TV/film
A book with a one-word title
A book set in a different century
An audiobook
A book published in 2024
A non-fiction book
A book that is hyped online
A book that involves family
New York Times bestseller
A graphic novel/manga/comic
Magical Realism
A book recommended via a newsletter or podcast
Mood Read
Told in non-chronological order
A book published in your birth year
An academic thriller
Nominated for the Booker Prize
Hybrid genre
Plot matches lyrics from a song
Has futuristic technology
Involving water
A book you loved as a kid
An LGBTQ+ book
Controversial book
Chick lit book
A banned book
Focuses on mental health
A book featuring technology
Set in Japan
Unreliable Narrator
A book about books
A book with time travel
A book with a title containing an element from the periodic table
A book with a character named Sofia or Nora
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30 Apr, 2024 - 30 Apr, 2025 • 366 days

During this challenge you will read a book according to a certain prompt.


I will buy a new book


I will find a book I would never read being of sound mind and read it from cover to cover


I will prove it by creating a post that summarizes my reading experience in 2-3 short sentences