Improve your personality by tying your shoes differently

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Tie your shoes in a different way as a reminder
I will be as cheerful as possible
I will be a little bit more friendly toward other people
I will be a little bit less critical and more tolerant of other people
I'm gonna act and feel as success is inevitable
I will not allow my opition to color facts in pesimistic way
Regardless of what happens, I will act as intelligent and as calmly as possible
I will practice smilling at least 3 times a day
I will completely ignore the negative facts that I could not change
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May 22 - Jun 11, 2020 • 21 days

95% of your time we are doing things in a habit state. Which means they are automatic and not controlled. So most of the things you do, are learned in the past and practiced during the present. Improve your behavior and thoughts by creating a new habit of positive and constructive thoughts starting from the morning.

Start this challenge every morning when you tie your shoes. First tie the shoe that you usually tie last. It will act as a reminder to focus your thoughts on a new habit.

Read and repeat all of the tasks in your mind during the morning. Try to act on them for the whole day.