Greatest Challenges in 2020

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Santa Claus
To-do Challenge
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31d left
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Save 5$ a day for a year ( 1825$ )
Master 5 magic tricks
Learn to solve Rubik's Cube
Generate 5 new ideas everyday
Visit all 7 New Wonders of the World
Watch 50 greatest Movies of all time
Cold shower Challenge
Stretch Daily for 30 days
Read 5 Self-Improvement books
Lose 5 kilograms
Simple TODO list
Happiness and Positivity Month
Meditate for 15 minutes a day
30-Day Plank Challenge
30 days sugar free
Decorate Christmas tree
Do 1000 push-ups and squats in a week
Read 24 Books in 2020
Don't complain about anything
100 squats everyday for a month
31 Dec, 2019 - 29 Dec, 2020
365 days

Santa Claus is giving you the best present for the whole Year. Take it, do it and see how easy is to achieve your challenges, change your habits and get motivation.
How to do this?
-Go to Santa Claus profile
-Accept Santa Claus challenges (also you can edit challenges or accept new from challenges list from the homepage)

The best present is to be present! Wish you luck.
With love, Santa