Climbing Your Own Everest

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Challengers of the World
To-do Challenge
16/16 tasks
Travelling around the world
Building a successful company
Finding a soulmate
Having three kids
Read 36 or more books
Live to be 100+ years old
Write a book
Learn to speak Spanish fluently
Build or buy my dream house
Ride in a hot air balloon
Marriage and family harmony
Proper mindset and balance
Commitment to improved pshysical health
Career passion and satisfaction
Develop empathy and gentleness
Continuing education
Started on 28 Sep, 2019

Life is about find your own Everest, and then, no matter what, reach its summit before your oxygen is run out.
Because in life, in business, relationships, health, in every aspect of it, it’s not about climbing Everest itself, the mountain, but about finding and conquer your own, personal highest peak. What’s your most important, crazy, surreal, impossible desire?