Build socialization into my daily routine

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12 Jun, 2019 - 6 Apr, 2020 • 300 days

The main challenge I face as a remote worker is isolation. Although, the benefits are that I can more or less work my own hours (pressing deadlines aside) and from any location, the fact that I work alone (as a sociable person) is something that I’ve had to overcome. When I worked in an office back, my colleagues were also my friends. We would socialise often, particularly for that great institution of workplaces around the world, Friday night drinks.
I’ve found that I now have to build socialising into my daily routine because if I don’t actively seek to socialise, it doesn’t happen. Luckily many of my friends are also freelancers, so we often meet for a morning coffee, lunch or dinner — or even a workout at the gym. I’ve also taken a part-time teaching role so I can balance up the people side of things with the freelance part of my life. Teaching also helps with cash flow!
Purposely build socialization into my daily routine. Befriend other freelancers, and go with them to coffee, lunch, dinner or workouts. Get a part-time job that requires you to talk to people.