100 Days of Productivity

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30 Nov, 2021 - 9 Mar, 2022 • 100 days

What is ‘100 days of productivity’?

To put it simply, the challenge is to do something productive for 100 days. It comes from the idea that each day, we can do at least 1 thing that pushes us forward.

What classifies as productive?

What is considered ‘productive’ is completely up to you. You can create a list of productive activities and must do at least one each day.

Does it have to be consecutive days?

It can be, but there isn’t a rule. Most people attempt to do consecutive days but that isn’t always possible. Doing something productive one day after another is great for building your self-discipline, however, you can skip days if need be. If you do, don’t feel bad! Remember to bounce back and continue the next day.