Vegetarian for a month

28 / 31 days
Total progress 90%
May 12 - Jun 11, 2022 • 31 days

I went vegetarian for a month, see what happened to my body.
If I go vegetarian for a month, I’ll purify out a lot of the meat sludge in my body, including the chemicals and antibiotics animals are injected with and the effects of the genetically engineered food they eat. That month-long oasis of reduced toxins going into my body will almost certainly have a positive effect on my health. A month isn’t long enough to clean up your arteries but it certainly could set back budding health problems.

Recently I read about how all sorts of chemicals are injected into the animals we eat and all the chemical processes used to make the meat look a certain way. It makes me wonder if what I experienced was a possible drug withdrawal from the chemicals I had gotten addicted to during my 36 years as a carnivore. I’m not really sure why I had such severe headaches that caused me to vomit or why I got the chills and the sweats at night after cutting meat out of my diet. Although I did not mention this earlier but aside from eating kale, brussel sprouts and disgusting chard I also made sure to eat hummus, fruits, other vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, beans, tofu, seitan, tuna fish once in a while, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, avocado, walnuts, brasil nuts, and drinking almond and cashew milk. Since giving up meat I have lost about 5 kilograms.