Monk Lifestyle

Total Progress
Wake up early (4-4:30a.m.)
Bath early (after waking up)
Sleep early (by 10-10:30p.m.)
Not more than 6½-7hrs sleep per day
Meditation a routine
Daily studies
Daily cardio
Avoid toxic people.. DO
Reduce screen time
Intermittent fasting
Stay hydrated
Jun 23 - Jun 29, 2022 • 7 days

They live lives of mendicancy, and go on a morning almsround (Pali: pindapata) every day. The local people give food for the monks to eat, though the monks are not permitted to positively ask for anything. The monks live in monasteries, and have an important function in traditional Asian society.

Living such life makes one calmer and happier than ever in the first place.. You learn to control your anger issues.. become more disciplined and punctual ..

I previously followed such kind of a lifestyle and I can bet those days were better than the ones I'm living now..

So I'll be reliving those days back… Starting tonight..

Great luck to me (although I donot belive in luck)..hah


Waking up early screenshots