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Tip 8# never study when you are sad. Focus on getting rid of the feeling, and then, studying will become smooth. For example, watch a princess film, like cindrella or mulan. This is what i do, and it works🌝


Tip 7# it's good and gives the best first impression, and the best marks, to take the initial. If a friend in the whatsapp group or any student group needs help, do your research and find the answer, and give it to them. They will help you later, they will happily take your attendance when you are late. On the other hand, you already learned the most confusing questions in the year. Students come up with weird things, let's admit that, someone has to get a benifit from that.


Tip 6# to have interest on whatever topic you are learning, just write its name on youtube. No, not the professional stuff. Watch unprofessional videos. If you are a doctor, watch people experiences with that disease and how they overcome it, and if this is not possible because the stuff is totally academic, watch an overview of it, a colored and bright well recorded video will make you more interested than a dull cold lecture with bad quality, then, after you are excited, watch the bad quality lecture. You will remember parts, and feel confident.


Tip5# mindmapping is the best way to remember,they make reading the lesson several times easier, as if you are playing a game. Anyway, read the lesson several times in any form and everything is gonna be ok.


Tip 4# ask people who took that exam before you what they took, what they studied and how that affected their performance, who is the best professor and what he loves to hear. This makes you too many steps ahead. Know your enemy before you get into the battle.


Tip 3# always enter the exam room in oral exams, smiling with confidence. This makes the examiner know you are not afraid, hence you must have studied hard, hence he will make sure you know everything you are talking about even if you are making up things. Eventually, he would help you find the answer because, in his first impression, you are clever💪


Tip 2# answer as many questions as you can.. this is the key to the exam.. we don't repeat what we learned, we answer.


Tip 1# never start with videos.. reading the book once before everything makes you aware of what you are learning, consider it mental preparation for the module💪