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Motivation behind Challenge Achieved

Do you want to be more Motivated, Productive and More Organized? Find out how this platform helps you achieve this.

Challenge Achieved Platform

Start using word Challenge instead of Goal

Goal is serious and overused these days, this makes it boring. Instead of a Goal start using word Challenge. Challenge is exciting, challenge is thrilling, challenge is fun! This is why you want to do challenge. And this is why you have to set a goal. Basically, the meaning is the same for Challenge, Goal, and Objective. It's something you need to do in order to achieve some result or benefit. But Challenge is a call to action!

Why not Challenge Accepted?

Because we want you not only accept the challenge but achieve it as well. Do you remember how many times you accepted new year resolution challenge? How many of those were completed? That's a tough question, but the reality is that people do not finish what they started when it comes to the challenges, goals or objectives. So psychology under Challenge Achieved name is to start motivating you whenever you read it. It might sound foolish but it works. You read a text, it triggers positively progressive thoughts in your mind and eventually, thoughts are materialized in your actions.

The time is now. Stop hitting the snooze button on your life.

-Mel Robbins

Challenge Types

Three types of Challenges

The first step of setting your goals or let's start calling it challenges - is to define it correctly. You need to boil it down until it's clear and simple. If the challenge is too big or too hard your mind will naturally reject it. So it is recommended to start with easy and simple challenges until achieving them will be a habit. Then you can move to harder and bigger challenges.

Let's say you have already some challenge in mind. What is the end result that you want to achieve? Thinking about result helps you define a type of challenge. Let's check what are they…

One time Challenge or To-do list

This is the most common challenge type and one that pops into your mind when you think about goals and tasks. It's when you have a list of things to fulfill in order to achieve something bigger. An example could be "Climb the Everest mountain".

Climb Everest Mountain

  • Read about other people experiences
  • Find a guide
  • Buy required equipment
  • Book a flight
  • Climb it!
  • Post pictures

The real to-do list is probably huge but let's keep it simple for an example. The purpose is to list as many tasks that you need in order to achieve it. If some task is too hard or too long - split it into multiple. This way it will be easier to track the progress and easier to execute. Each time you are done with the task - you check it and move on to the next one. You can start by creating new One Time Challenge.

Other examples of one time challenge:

  • Move out to a new apartment
  • Trip to Italy
  • Throw a bachelor party

Sometimes you have a bit different result in mind. When you can't define a list but it might be a number or something that is continuing through days weeks or months. This is where other challenge types become handy.

Number Challenge - when you have a number in mind

  • Read 7 books
  • Ride 1000 km with bicycle
  • Lose 5 kilograms

You probably get the idea. When your result could be described in numbers you should create a number challenge for that. Then increase/decrease value accordingly each day or week when the value changes. Your aim is to make it to that number.

When you create a challenge you can define the starting point, ending value and a step in which you want to increment or decrement the value. Therefore if your challenge is losing weight it's recommended to have 0.1 step and if your challenge is saving money maybe 100 step might make more sense. You can also define a unit of measure e.g. kg, page, km, $. Then each day try to do your best to change that number towards your desired number. Find out more by creating Number Challenge.

If the resulting challenge is not defined in some number but is rather something continuous, daily challenge is at your service.

Daily Challenge for daily usage

Let's say you want to do sports and losing weight is not your end result - you just want to be healthier and live longer. You want to start running daily or few days per week. Or maybe you want to start learning the French language daily. Then you need to have something to check each day.

  • Read a new blog about motivation each day
  • Eat only vegetables for two weeks
  • Go for a morning run 3 times a week

In the daily challenge, you define task or tasks that you want to do on the daily basis. You can set how many days per week this needs to happen and then you check the task each day and keep your progress updated. Try it out with new Daily Challenge.

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.

-Elon Musk

Challange Achieved Features

Public Challenges to get Motivation from others

After creating a challenge, it will be private by default. You can make it public or shareable with a link URL. Public challenges are great for getting support from others and making yourself accountable if you don't have enough willpower. If you share your challenge with a lot of people, they will have the ability to track your progress and even follow it.

This feeling of others tracking how you are doing might help you to achieve your challenge. Also, other people might like your idea and could accept your challenge. Therefore, whenever you think it will be hard to fight with your laziness or you have a lack of motivation - make your challenge public and share it with many people.

Share a Picture of your Achievements and Progress

You can add a picture for your challenge. There are several great reasons for sharing your progress or achievement pictures with others. First, when you add a public photo others will see it and now you are committed to achieve or progress further with the challenge. You need to show better and better results right?

Other people are also searching for motivation so your picture could be an inspiration to them. Also sometimes you can find new ideas yourself and maybe find some friends to do the same challenge. Check for challenge posts of other people at Home Page.

Each post has a high five button - this way people are giving you an awesomeness for your challenge picture. Try collecting as much awesomeness as possible. Be awesome!

Motivational Quotes of the greatest minds

Sometimes it takes only couple sentences to boost your self-esteem and make an action. If you need an extra kick to start something check out Motivational Quotes. It has a search on the top which will help you to find great inspirational quotes by author, tag or any text. Try writing Elon Musk or Michael Jordan and quotes will appear on the screen. Feel free to navigate and collect as many quotes as you want.

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People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

-Rob Siltanen

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